Taylor W. Macdonald 

                                    International Image Consulting 

Born and raised in Calgary, into a family that valued creativity, independence, self-expression and art, I found myself at an early age with the ability to transform myself. I discovered the importance of appearance in this world and how one could utilize fashion to unveil one’s inner beauty.

With a degree in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising and over 10 years of International modeling experience, I traveled the world and absorbed everything around me. I learned about the power and use of color in Mexico City, discovered fabrics and textures in Bangkok and was captivated by the blending of modern and ancient cultures in old Hong Kong and booming Shanghai.  I ran my fingers through some of the most beautiful designs I’d ever seen in Mumbai and saw their values and beliefs tightly woven into their jeweled saris and exquisite scarves. In Istanbul, I heard music in the grace of their movements and observed how, with one pair of fabulous shoes, one could literally walk their way to success! 

From Paris to London, from Greece to Korea, I was wide-eyed and aware of my surroundings. I watched how people moved, what gave them a sense of grace, and remarkably, how the right piece of clothing, colour or accessory, instantly revealed the confidence that had always been inside of them.  It was throughout these experiences that I realized how this knowledge could be used to help others reveal their true selves.

As a fashion stylist in Asia, Europe, and N. America, working in design, product quality control, and buying in China for a Turkish company as well as in Canada, I’ve explored many avenues of fashion and design.  I am now using this multi-faceted wealth of knowledge to help clients find their own personal style – a style that is both visually stunning and unique in expressing their inner selves. I have more than just an eye for design.   My experiences have molded me into an artist of the inner person and a sculptor of personal style.